Whether or not you've made an earlier pledge, follow the steps below to complete a donation:

1. Before bringing your crop to your local elevator for sale, fill out the online donation form, print it out from your email confirmation and bring to your local elevator at harvest time. You can designate your entire donation toward your local Feeding America food bank or choose to direct 50% to the food bank and 50% to your local food shelf (must be served by one of the six Feeding America food banks serving Minnesota).

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2. Cargill and ADM elevators are cued up to make your donation to Invest an Acre and deduct the amount from your total crop proceeds. Notify any other elevator about the program and they can also make a donation using the information on the form you bring in; simply explain to them the program.

3. Monsanto will match your donation, dollar for dollar up to a national cap of $675,000.

4. A. Feeding America will distribute your donation plus the Monsanto match to the Feeding America food bank that serves your community.

B. If you have designated half to go to a food shelf/hunger relief agency, your local food bank will then apply that donation as a credit to the food shelf for them to use the donation to purchase additional low cost food from the food bank to provide additional help those who are hungry. If the donation is not used by the agency within one year from the time of credit, any unused portion will go back to the Food Bank.

C. Feeding America will send you a receipt for your donation. Feeding America is a 501©3 nonprofit recognized by the IRS and your donation to the Invest an Acre program is tax deductible.

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